It all started with two best friends....

While lounging on a beach in Southern California they dreamt of a clothing brand that was more than just trendy clothes, it served a purpose. They merged their love of fashion and the ocean to create Deep Sea Humanity.

Deep Sea Humanity is ethically produced and sustainably sourced- so you can be guilt free while rocking quality clothes that are as beautiful and wild as you. We only use materials that are kind to the earth and its people because we know that we only get one planet Earth- and to coexist with it means being mindful of every impact that we are making. Oh, and each piece gives back to marine conservation, so you're already making a difference.

Each of our designs are inspired by the ocean and keep a beach-lover in mind. Whether you’re heading to the beach or dancing the night away, our pieces will fit the occasion (and the cause).

It’s so much more than a clothing company- its a responsibility to our planet and its people.