Creating Collections

The following work shows my ability to design and create a cohesive collection using adobe illustrator. You will be able to follow through my design thought process and see detailed garment sketches with fabric and color selection.

I have provided examples from my work at Hello World Fashion as well as projects from my coursework at FIDM.


Hello World Fashion CLient Work

I assist clients at Hello World Fashion in drawing up their designs on adobe illustrator, adding color and fabric for line sheets, and creating collateral. Here are just a few examples of clients I've worked with and what I have drawn up for them.

Karish is a client who wants to use Indian Sari’s to create new styles in trendy silhouettes.

Premme is a brand for plus size women who are looking for trending styles in fun fabrics and amazing fit.

Her + Her is a brand focusing on unisex and non-gender conforming clothing. They are inspired by fun prints, classic and tailored garments and color blocking.

Wild Things

For this assignment I designed a junior women’s surf collection. My customer is an avid surfer who can’t stay away from the ocean. She spends everyday in the salty spray and under the sun. This surfer girl lives on the coast in a carefree natural lifestyle. She is still in school between ages 15-24, but school is second priority to her dreams of being a surf legend.

Top competitors are Roxy, Rip Curl, Billabong, O’neill and few others. Each of these brands offers the usual collection of full wetsuits, partial wetsuits, wetsuit separates, rash guards, and swim suits. An excerpt from the Sport trends of 2019 explains “Surfing is a proof of a desire for escape and exoticsm that taps the fantasy world of the Kon-tiki expedition. This high summer mood updates Hawaiian aesthetics in a natural and authentic vein. Aloha motifs and rustic plant-based banana or pineapple fibers rule.” Wild Things is perfect for a summer surf collection for young girls. With jungle teals, coral pinks and tropical print, young surfers will be drawn to this collection to express their wild personality.

Lifestyle collection: portals

For this assignment I designed a swimwear, loungewear and everyday sportswear collection for a class project. 

My theme Portals, was inspired by this generation’s aching to be transported to a world beyond their reality. Whether this be through travel, music festivals, art, social media, movies and more. We are constantly trying to distract ourselves by finding portals to another world. I broke this theme down into three moods to inspire my collections.

The first mood is called “Portal to the Mind” and explores street art that teases the brain to see something that isn’t actually there. From these images I created a pattern of brain teasers in Adobe Photoshop to be used as a print in my swim collection. I also focused on tied up details, bold colors and cutouts relating to trippy street art.

The second mood is called “Portal to the Soul” and delves into the idea that meditation can be a portal to another world in our minds. This collection focuses on leisure and comfort in it’s fabrics and silhouettes. It also related cinch tie detailing to our ties to the earth when we are grounded in meditation.

The final mood is called “Portal to the Deep” and is about the grand ocean that can be explored only through masks and underwater portal windows. This inspired a collection focusing on large grommet details and fluid silhouettes.